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We offer sales and service of pressure cleaning equipment, waste oil fired furnaces and chemicals to customers in a 150 mile radius of Boise, Idaho.

Look for us in our 17,000 sqft. facility at 3525 Arthur Street in Caldwell, ID. (
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· Home (Cleaning Solutions for Trucking, Automotive, Agricultural, Food Industry)
· Contact
· Thank You
· About Us (Viking Industrial provides the finest pressure washers, industrial cleaning chemicals and waste oil fired furnaces and boilers!)
· Service (Viking Industrial provides service and repair all major brands of pressure washers and waste oil fired furnaces)
· Why Buy From Viking
· FAQs
· Agricultural Applications (. Farmers know that Viking Industrial Systems sells pressure washers that help keep agricultral farm equipment clean)
· Graffiti Remover (Taginator and Tagaway graffiti remover will remove the unsightly paint from brick or painted surfaces)
· Applications
· Military Applications (Viking Industrial Systems has pressure washers installed cleaning everything needed by our military.)
· Lumber Applications (Viking Industrial Systems has pressure washers for industrial and lumber needs)
· Dairy Applications (Viking Industrial Systems has pressure washers designed for dairy farmers including cold and hot water pressures)
· Construction Applications (Viking Industrial Systems offers trailer mounted mobile pressure washing systems with Hydro Tek SS and SC series hot pressure washers.)
· Mining Applications (Mining companies many times have lots of different pressure washer operators causing by pass heat damage.)
· Automotive and Trucking Applications (New car dealerships typically use a stationary hydro tek natural gas fired hot pressure washer in their detail shops.)
· Municipalities Applications (Municipalities have applications for pressure washers that may include road building equipment, trucks, guard rails, school buses, school facilities, bridges, military vehicles, floors and buildings.)
· Manufacturing Applications (Manufacturing pressure washing needs include forklifts, trucks, tools, equipment and cleaning floors.)
· Commercial Applications (Manufacturing pressure washing needs include forklifts, trucks, tools, equipment and cleaning floors.)
· Food Processing Applications (Viking Industrial Systems offers many configurations of pressure washers to food processors and food processing companies)
· Hot Water Pressure Steam Cleaners (Hydro Tek hot water steam cleaners are among the finest American made pressure washers in the industry.)
· Chemicals
· Testimonials (Customer Testimonials of Viking Industrial who purchased waste oil furnaces, power washers, hot and cold pressure washers, and a parts washer)
· Hydro Tek hot pressure washers and steam cleaners (Hot and wet steam cleaner: All Hydro Tek pressure washers have wet steam capability .)
· Specials
· Why Aaladin
· HN Pressure Washer (Hydro Tek stationary natural gas and propane fired pressure washers and steam cleaner.)
· HP Pressure Washer (Hydro Tek HP Series Pressure Washers offers hot and cold steam cleaning equipment in their electric powered pressure washer)
· SCU Pressure Washer (Self Contained Hot, Cold, Steam High Pressure Washers)
· Hydro Tek Cold Pressure Washers
· Aaladin Cold Pressure Washers
· Parts and Accessories
· Mobile Water Recovery
· Flat Surface Cleaners
· Used Oil Fired Furnaces
· Used Oil Fired Boilers
· SC Pressure Washer (Hydro Tek SC Series Skid or trailer mounted mobile pressure washer cleaning system)
· SS Pressure Washer (Hydro Tek skid or trailer mounted pressure washers available with wheels, handle, tank skid monted systems and trailer mounted cleaning systems)
· Aaladin Hot Water Pressure Washers and Cleaning Systems (Aaladin hot pressure washers are built rugged, durable and reliable.)
· Why Hydro Tek
· 12 Series ES Model (Aaladin’s ES 12 Series includes five models of pressure washers and a steam cleaner with volumes from 2 to 4 gallons per minute and pressures from 1,000 PSI to 3,000 PSI.)
· 13-14 Series SL Model (Aaladin’s SL 13-14 Series includes eight models of pressure washers and a steam cleaner with volumes from 4 to 5 gallons per minute and pressures from 2,300 PSI to 3,000 PSI.)
· 13-14 Series SC Model (Aaladin’s SC 13-14 Series includes eight models of pressure washers and a steam cleaner with volumes from 2 to 5 gallons per minute and pressures from 1,000 PSI to 3,000 PSI.)
· Hydro Tek Cold Water CPS Series
· Hydro Tek Cold Water CW Series
· Aaladin 400 Series Cold Pressure Washers
· Aaladin 500 Series Cold Pressure Washer
· Quick Couplers
· Pressure Washer Trigger Guns
· Gary Bourquin
· Pat Gardner
· Shane Crane
· Joe Cheatham
· Tracy Schmidt
· Mike Frasier
· Felix Anchustegui
· Whitco
· Pressure Washer Lances/Wands
· High Pressure Hoses (Pressure Washer High Pressure Hoses)
· Hose Reels (Pressure Washer Hose Reels)
· Why Recycle
· Hot 2 Go Hydro Tek Pressure Washer (Hotsy style pressure washer and steam cleaner)
· SH27003VH - Hot 2 Go Mobile Wash Skid (Pressure Steamer)
· HH15015E1 - Hot 2 Go Pressure Steamer
· SH30003VG - Hot 2 Go Mobile Wash Skid
· SK30005VH - Hot 2 Go Hot Mobile Wash Skid
· SK38004VG - Hot 2 Go Hot Mobile Wash Skid
· Mobile Pressure Wash Systems (For the ultimate in portability and function put your Hydro Tek pressure washer and/or water recovery system on one of our specially designed trailers)
· Automatic Parts Washer (Automatic Parts Washer)
· Automatic Parts Washer Model 2040
· Automatic Parts Washer Model 2055
· Automatic Parts Washer Model 2085
· Automatic Parts Washer Model 2175E
· Automatic Parts Washer Model 2260E
· Automatic Parts Washer Accessories
· 12 Series EL Model Aaladin Pressure Washer (Aaladin Hot Water Pressuer Washer 12 Series EL Model)
· Spot Free Rinse Systems (Spot Free Rinse Systems)
· CD20002V - Spot Free Rinse (CD20002V - Spot Free Rinse)
· FAQ Warranty
· FAQ Still Around
· FAQ Winterize
· FAQ Parts/Service
· FAQ Compare
· FAQ Cost
· FAQ By-Pass
· FAQ Run
· FAQ Volume/Pressure
· FAQ Units
· FAQ Motor
· FAQ Drive Systems
· FAQ Hot, Steam, Cold
· FAQ Portable or Stationary
· FAQ Safety Features
· FAQ Options
· FAQ Maintenance
· Pressure Washer Nozzles (Pressure Washer Nozzles)
· Industrial Chemical Sprayer
· AR 620 / AR 630 Blue Clean Pressure Washer
· AR 767 Blue Clean Pressure Washer
· Thank you for your purchase
· Air Compressors
· Waste Oil Furnace Blowers
· Waste Oil Furnace Burners
· Waste Oil Furnace Cabinets
· Preheater Blocks and Nozzles
· Dual Piston HP Air Compressor
· Dual Piston 1/3 HP Air Compressor #14336
· One Third HP Air Compressor
· 1/2 HP Air Compressor
· CB 1750 Blower (waste oil furnace blower)
· CB 2500 Blower (Waste oil furnace 2500 blower)
· CB 3500 Blower (CB 3500 Waste Oil Furnace Blower)
· Waste Oil Furnace Pumps
· Waste Oil Furnace Service Kits and O'Rings
· CB 5000 Blower
· CB 3250 Blower
· CB 525 525S1 525S2 Burner
· CB 550 550S2 Burner
· CB 551 H3 and H5 Burner
· CB 100, Saturn A2 Burner
· CB 100, Saturn A2 Air Pressure
· CB 90 HS Burner
· CB 90 HPB Air Burner
· CB 2000 4000 Burner
· CB 90 AA Furnace Cabinet
· CB 90 AH Furnace Cabinet
· CB 90 BH Furnace Cabinet
· CB 90 C Furnace Cabinet
· CB 90 D Furnace Cabinet
· CB 1400 Furnace Cabinet
· CB 1800 UH Furnace Cabinet
· CB 1800 CF Furnace Cabinet
· CB 2800 UH Furnace Cabinet
· CB 2800 CF Furnace Cabinet
· CB 3500 Furnace Cabinet
· CB 5000 Furnace Cabinet
· CB 2500 Furnace Cabinet
· CB 1750 and 1500 Furnace Cabinet
· Saturn A2 Furnace Cabinet
· CB 3250 Furnace Cabinet
· Saturn 140 Furnace Cabinet
· Saturn 230 Furnace Cabinet
· CB Furnace Cabinet Replacement Flue Tube Chart
· CB 500 Heater Block
· CB 500 B Heater Block
· CB 525 CB 550 Heater Block
· CB 525 S2 CB 550 S2 Heater Block
· CB 551 H3 and H5 Heater Block
· Saturn A2 Preheater and Nozzle
· S2 H3 Preheater and Nozzle
· HS Burner Oil Regulator
· HS Burner Oil Regulator 32016
· HS Burner Oil Regulator 32257
· Oil and Air Solenoid 33013
· Oil and Air Solenoid 32322
· Block Flushing System
· Metering Pump and Suction Fittings
· J Pump
· J Pump Suction Fittings
· Webster Transfer Pump 70160
· Oil Filter Combu 32023
· Oil Filter Lenz 32127
· Low Level Cut Off
· 70139 Service Kit for CB500 Burner
· 70158 Deluxe Service Kit for AA and AH
· 70370 Service Kit for 525S Burner
· 70371 Service Kit for 525 S2 Burner
· ORing Sizing Chart
· Clean Burn Burner Assembly
· Clean Burn Oil Pump
· Mike Houston Testimonial
· Hydro Tek Cold Water CPD Series
· Special Purpose Power Washers
· Watts Oneflow Anti Scale System
· COPY - Specials
· COPY- Specials
· Chris Simmons Testimonial
· Frank Bruneel Testimonial
· Water Flood Recovery and Evacuation Systems
· COPY - Flat Surface Cleaners
· Rodney Peterson
· Jack Davis
· Spirilast Coil
· Hot Link Hydro Tek Hot Water Generator
· Tow & Stow™
· Hydro Tek SCX Series Mobile Wash Skid
· Industrial Vacuums
· Industrial Air Compressors
· Hydro Tek Cold Water CPX Series
· Pressure Washer Rental
· Used Pressure Washers for mobile
· Sunfire Portable
· Scaltrol
· Rotary Screw Compressors
· Furnace Service Request
· Thank You
· Used pressure washers mobile
Additional Service Areas include: Pressure Washers Boise Idaho, Pressure Washers Portland Oregon