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Watts Oneflow Anti Scale System

OneFlow Anti-Scale System Protects pressure washer heating coils from plugging with hard water lime and scale.

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The OneFlow Anti-Scale System provides protection from scale formation on internal and external plumbing surfaces. The OneFlow system is a single cartridge-based system that must be installed on a cold water line prior to a water heating device.

OneFlow prevents scale by transforming dissolved hardness minerals into harmless, inactive microscopic crystal particles. These crystals stay suspended in the water and are passed to drain. The system requires very little maintenance, no backwashing, no salt and no electricity. Typical hardness problems, especially build-up of scale in heating elements, pipes, water heaters, boilers, pressure washer heating coils and on fixtures are no longer a concern.

OneFlow is not a water softener. It does not add chemicals. It is a scale prevention device with proven third party laboratory test data and years of successful commercial, residential and food service applications. OneFlow is the intelligent scale solution and is a great alternative to water softening (ion exchange) or scale sequestering devices.


  • Protect your hot pressure washer heating coils from scale and plugging caused by hard water.
  • Chemical-free scale prevention and protection - converts hardness minerals to harmless, inactive microscopic crystals making. OneFlow an effective alternative technology to a water softener for the prevention of scale due to water hardness
  • Virtually maintenance free - No salt bags or other chemicals to constantly add or maintain.
  • No control valve, no electricity and no wastewater. 
  • Uses environmentally friendly “green” technology. 
  • Improves efficiency of all water heating devices and downstream plumbing components. 
  • Simple sizing & installation – standard 3/4" connections.
  • Perfect system for hot water pressure washer owners, restaurants, cafeterias, coffee shops and homes where multiple or single equipment protection is desired for longer equipment life and reduced energy consumption.
  • Inlet ball valve for easy isolation shutoff and filter changes.
  • OneFlow cartridge-based systems are easily maintained; change the cartridge once every two years 
  • Easily installed mounting bracket included w/filter wrench to allow cartridge change-outs when necessary. lead by weight.

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