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We offer sales and service of pressure cleaning equipment, waste oil fired furnaces and chemicals to customers in a 150 mile radius of Boise, Idaho.

Look for us in our 17,000 sqft. facility at 3525 Arthur Street in Caldwell, ID. (
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*New* Water / Flood Recovery & Evacuation System

The RPV Hydro Vacuum is a water capture and transfer system. It transfers the water while vacuuming, eliminating the inefficient task of having to continually dump your collection tank. The new RPV is ideal for flood and fire restoration contractors because of the large volume of water that can be removed. It is also useful for anyone wanting to eliminate water runoff at a job site or a pressure washer contractor collecting wastewater. In addition, the RPV is able to discharge vertically. (Requires 2 diameter vacuum hose, 2 diameter discharge hose recommended)

A building service contractor or auto detailer will like the additional feature to turn the RPV into a high powered shop/detail vacuum just by adding the optional dry work filter.

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30 gallons per minute, Model# RPV30E1, 115v 15amp or 3500w generator

50 gallons per minute, Model# RPV50E1, 115v 20amp or 5500w generator

Wheel kits: Caster kit (#AHS07), Dolly kit (#AHS06)

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NOTE: These two new RPV models replace the RPT5E1, RPVACE1, RPVRE1, and RZF5E1 which will be discontinued.

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Mobile Trailer or Truck Bed Mount Vacuum Recovery and Filtration:

Model AZV55 and AZV8 vacuum recovery and filtration units, when combined with a Hydro Tek SC or SCU skid type pressure washer, becomes a fully portable self contained wash, recover and recycle pressure washing system.

Our vacuum recovery system uses a vacuum scupper, simplifying the wash water recovery process. The complete system includes 50' vacuum hose, scupper, water tubes and sand dam tubes.

Features (for AZV55 and/or AZV88):AZV55-AZV88-RZVE1 Mobile Vacuum Filtration System

  • Vacuum recovery rate 5 gpm or 8 gpm
  • Wastewater process rate 4.5 gpm or 8 gpm
  • 5 micron finish processing
  • 40 gallon capacity
  • Seamless purple polyethylene hopper complies with California title 22 recycled non-potable water identification requirements.
  • Powered by SC or SCU series skid
  • Pump 12 vdc 20 amp
  • Vacuum motor 110 vac 8.6 amp
  • Easy to maintain with replacement cartridges
  • Heavy duty frame design made from 1" heavy gauge steel tubing with integrated mounting bracket
  • Large, side-discharge, waste dump valve for quick purging of collected solids
  • Heavy duty stainless steel transfer pump

Further Information:

     AZV55/AZV88 Tek Sheet - Mobile Vacuum Filtration System
     RZVE1 Tek Sheet -
     RZV10E1 Tek Sheet
     AVP Tek Sheet - Ground mount vacuum wash pad Tek Sheet

Stationary Wash Water Recyclers:

     RMME2 Tek Sheet - Automatic Media Backflush System
     RPBE1 Tek Sheet - Pleated Sand-Backflush Filtration System
     RPFE1 Tek Sheet - Pleated Filtration System
     Typical wash pad designs for recycle systems
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