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We offer sales and service of pressure cleaning equipment, waste oil fired furnaces and chemicals to customers in a 150 mile radius of Boise, Idaho.

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These unique power washer packages are built in a variety of configurations to meet your specific needs.  Some of the selected options are 70 gallon water tank, gas engines, 12 volt motors that connect to the battery on your vehicle, 120 volt electric power, and DI sport free models.



MULTI PURPOSE WASH:  units are used to wash where water connection is not available or convenient, great for power washing at remote sites.  The small footprint (48 1/4 x 20 1/2) fits in a UTV or if mounted in a truck it leaves the rest of your truck be available for other uses, or it installs on a wheel kit

CPT24003HH: 2400psi @ 2.5gpm, 160cc Honda gas engine, direct drive pump, 70g tank, hose reel

CPT32004VH: 3200psi @ 3.6gpm, 10hp Vanguard gas engine, direct drive pump, 70g tank, hose reel

CPT10001E0: 1000psi @ 1gpm, 12vdc, direct drive pump, 70 gal tank, hose reel.

MOBLE SPOT FREE: MODELS are ideal for mobile car detailers leaving plenty of room on the truck for other cleaning supplies.  Add the optional wheel kit  and move it around a vehicle lot to wash without the hassle of dragging around a garden hose. The 12v powered system can run mounted in a van or enclosed trailer with no fumes or loud engine, plus it requires no engine maintenance or fuel. Supply tank can be filled with tap water or filled through the option DI filters to make spot free water as need.  

CPT20002HH-DI: 2000psi @ 2gpm 160 cc Honda gas engine, direct drive pump, 70g tank, hose reel

CPT10001E0-DI:  1000psi @ 1gpm 12vdc, direct drive pump, 70 g tank, how reel

Fire Suppression: with the use of foam additive and high pressure foam injector nozzle, it makes the 70 gallon tank of water last for half an hour of fire fighting.  It will spray up to 30 feet to keep you at a safe distance and reach higher structures.  You can also connect the cleaning nozzle and use for power washing when not on standby for fire safety or wild land firefighting.  Includes a 100’ hose on  a large hose reel.

CPT24003HH: 2400psi @ 2.5gpm, 160cc Honda engine, direct drive pump, foam nozzle, wash wand


Hand Carry Washers are easily moved to wherever you need them or can be bolted to a truck or trailer for mobile use. The rustproof stainless frame lasts a lifetime. The industrial duty pumps are rated above requited output to outperform axial and wobble plate pumps and the unloader is not molded to the pump head allowing for easy maintenance or replacement.

CH24003HH:  2400psi @ 2.5gpm, 160cc Honda gas engine, direct drive pump, 50’ hose

CH11002E1: 1100psi @ 2gpm, 115v-15amp, direct drive pump, 50’ hose


Spot Free Electric Washer:  works fantastic to keep cars and windows spotless. The pressure washer uses only about a gallon of water per minute to wash an average car, making your replaceable filter packs last for hundreds of washes.  The Hydro Tek de-ionize system removes minerals from you rap water for a spot free finish on your car or boat, without having to dry the surface.  The compact stainless chassis encloses both the filters and washer and yet fits in most dock  boxes. It will save hours when washing a yacht or large motor homes.  The water quality monitor lets you know when to change the DI filters.

CD9001E1: 900psi @ 1,28gpm, 115v-14amp (DI filter pack required, not included)



CPT options, caster wheel kit #AHC01, Pull bar wheel kit #AHB12, pin tow hitch adapter #AHB10

Spot Free Options: De-ionizer filter pack insert #VFD25, 12 volt models require a 12 volt battery and battery cable to connect to your vehicle’s battery (available at your local auto parts store.)




Additional Service Areas include: Pressure Washers Boise Idaho, Pressure Washers Portland Oregon