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We offer sales and service of pressure cleaning equipment, waste oil fired furnaces and chemicals to customers in a 150 mile radius of Boise, Idaho.

Look for us in our 17,000 sqft. facility at 3525 Arthur Street in Caldwell, ID. (
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Waste Oil Furnace Preheater Blocks and Nozzles

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CB-500 Heater Block
CB-500-B Heater Block
CB-525, CB-550 Heater Block
CB-525-S2, 550-S2 Heater Block
CB-551-H3 & H5 Heater Block
Saturn A-2 Preheater and Nozzle
S2, H3 Preheater and Nozzle
HS Burner Oil Regulator
HS Burner Air Regulator - #32016
HS Burner Air Regulator - #32257
Oil & Air Solenoid - #33013
Oil & Air Solenoid - #32322
Block Flushing System

Additional Service Areas include: Pressure Washers Boise Idaho, Pressure Washers Portland Oregon