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We offer sales and service of pressure cleaning equipment, waste oil fired furnaces and chemicals to customers in a 150 mile radius of Boise, Idaho.

Look for us in our 17,000 sqft. facility at 3525 Arthur Street in Caldwell, ID. (
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Cities,counties, especially the state of Idaho with it's facilities maintenance departments, transportation departments and parts and recreation to mention a few...everyone hasstuff to clean.

Municipalities have applications for pressure washers that may include road building equipment, trucks, guard rails, school buses, school facilities, bridges, military vehicles, floors and buildings. A wide variety of pressure washers, hot water skid mounted pressure washers, hot water trailer mounted pressure washers, stationary natural gas fired pressure washers and portable diesel fired units. Hydro Tek have pressure washers for every cleaning problem.

Hydro Tek stationary natural gas fired pressure washer

Hydro Tek HP Series

Hydro Tek stationary natural gas fired

Hydro Tek HP Series

school bus pressure washing

Hydro Tek T400 Pressure Washer Trailer

Viking Products clean school buses too!

Hydro Tek T400 Trailer

Additional Service Areas include: Pressure Washers Boise Idaho, Pressure Washers Portland Oregon