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We offer sales and service of pressure cleaning equipment, waste oil fired furnaces and chemicals to customers in a 150 mile radius of Boise, Idaho.

Look for us in our 17,000 sqft. facility at 3525 Arthur Street in Caldwell, ID. (
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Mobile Pressure Wash Systems

Viking Industrial Systems builds custom trailer and skid mounted mobile wash systems in our facility in Caldwell. Or for the factory built systems see what Hydro Tek has to offer.

Hydro Tek Trailer Series - Professional Towable Washer

For the ultimate in portability and function put your Hydro Tek pressure washer and/or water recovery system on one of our specially designed trailers. There are many configurations available from 185 gallon tank to 540 gallon. Various axle and brake configurations are also available. Don't need a trailer for your pressure washer, have a look at our Tank Skids, pressure washer and water tank on a skid that can be loaded in to most pick up trucks.


T400 Mobile Pressure Washer Trailer T185T Mobile Pressure Washer Tank Skid T50DE Dual Unit Mobile Pressure Washer Trailer

Standard Features

Hydro Tek model specific trailer or tank skid mounted cleaning systems and steam cleaners.

Powder Coated 6" Frame:
Hydro Tek's advanced “Pro-Tect-It” frame of powder coated, heavy gauge, welded steel is the ultimate in corrosion resistance. The frame is constructed with a structural tube spine for extra rigidity. All trailers can be converted to a skid mount for added flexibility.

Torflex axles deliver up to 300% more wheel travel than leaf spring axles to create a smooth ride over rough terrain This adds to the life of your pressure washer and reduces fatigue on you and your tow vehicle.

Hydro Tek's exclusive seamless polyethylene supply tanks with stainless hold down straps provide secure water storage. Dual tanks on the 370 gallon trailer (T400 model) offer internal baffling to reduce water sloshing and allow for the water tanks to be split to carry two different types of fluid.

Lights / Wiring:
Shock-mounted lights are recessed and sealed for added protection from road hazards. All wiring is routed through the trailer spine to eliminate damage to the electrical system and add years of trouble free operation.

The integrated storage tube for spray wands and storage tray at the rear of the trailer offer a safe and secure area to store Hydro Tek accessories. Optional integrated ladder rack and soap pail rack are available to customize a trailer to fit your needs.

Coupler / Chains / Jack:
Save time every time you hook up the trailer to your tow vehicle with a jack that quickly swings up and out of the way. An oversized caster allows for easy movement when away from the tow vehicle. Safety chains provided to secure your trailer.

Water Filter / Valves / Hoses:
Self-cleaning water filter with water drain valve supplies clean water to the pump to increase pump life. Complete plumbing and hoses, sized properly to your Hydro Tek pressure washer, are included. Frame mounted 3-way valve on selected machines allows switching from float tank to bulk tank supply. On some trailers we route the pump bypass to the bulk tank to keep the pump cool. Hoses are routed through grommets and trailer frame to protect from chaffing and road hazards. Many trailer configurations can be set up with our Flatwork Filtration waste water recovery system or other waste water recovery options.

Hose Reels - Sand Hopper - Ladder Rack - Chemical Rack - Chrome Wheels - Advertising Panels - Brakes - Machine Covers

Pro Tow Wash® Choices:

T200 Mobile Pressure Washer Trailer T300 Mobile Pressure Washer Trailer T400 Mobile Pressure Washer Trailer
T500 Mobile Pressure Washer Trailer T50DE Dual Unit Mobile Pressure Washer Trailer T185T Mobile Pressure Washer Tank Skid

Technical Information:

Full Color Brochure
T200 Tek Sheet
T250E Tek Sheet
T300 Tek Sheet
T400 Tek Sheet
T500 Tek Sheet
T50D Dual Skid Tek Sheet
Tank Skid Tek Sheet
T200 Assembly Instructions

New – Tow & Stow™ Wash Cart

Hydro Tek introduces a new tank skid transporter
It is designed for travel at and around a casino, shopping mall, school campus, hospital and other facilities where access is too marrow for a full size trailer.  The Tow & Stow™ Wash cart is balanced with weight distributed over the two axles and low tongue weight, just right to be pulled by a Cushman/Gator type UTV (utility vehile).

Remote area cleaning or a water supply nearly anywhere, build the bundle that works for you: 1) Start with the tank skid transporter. 2) You choose either a 200 gallon or 270 gallon water tank skid, which includes an inlet hose and high pressure and inlet hose reels. 3) Choose either a hot water or cold water pressure washer.

Standard Features

Small footprint:  Takes up only 7' x 4' of storage space

Modular design: You choose either the 200 gallon (T185TW) or 270 gallon(T270TW) tank skid and pick any of the SS or CPS pressure washer skids SS Series Pressure Washers

Maneuverable:  Pivoting front axle to pull between buildings or on sidewalks. Standard 2" ball coupler

Auto wheel lock:  When tongue/hitch is lifted to the upright storage position.

Ships fully assembled:  Pressure washer and reels factory installed

Maximum 10mph:  Transporter is intended to be used and stored on site, not for public roads.


Model# TSKDT Transporter
Requires a tank skid & pressure washer, not included


Hot 2 Go Trailers and Skids

200 Gallon Trailer with ReelsHot 2 Go Pressure Washer Trailer

This trailer is ready for your choice of SK Hot Mobile Wash Skids. The 12-gauge powder coated frame includes a seamless polyethylene tank with garden hose fitting and 3/4" 80 micron filter. Includes Class II, 3500lb rated 2" ball hitch. The 3700lb torsion axle provides a smooth ride and up to 300% more wheel travel than a conventional spring axle. The recessed rubber mounted tail lights are tucked away from damage. As a complete package you will also receive two Stainless Steel hose reels, 100' garden hose and a 50' high pressure hose. Not sold without SK Series machine.
Model number: T185SK


200 or 270 Gallon Tank Skid with Reels

Hot 2 Go Pressure Washer Tank Skid with ReelsThis Mobile Wash Skid is ready for your choice of SK Hot Mobile Wash Skid machines. It couldn't be easier... Buy this complete Wash Skid Package, bolt it to your trailer or slide it in a full-sized truck bed and go to work. The 12-gauge powder coated frame includes a pre-plumbed seamless polyethylene water tank. We also include an 1-1/2" 80 mesh filter and an 1-1/2" quick drain valve. As a complete package, you will also receive two Stainless Steel hose reels, 100' garden hose and a 50' high pressure hose. Not sold without SK Series machine.
Model numbers:
T185TW - 200 Gallon
T270TW - 270 Gallon

Additional Service Areas include: Pressure Washers Boise Idaho, Pressure Washers Portland Oregon