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We offer sales and service of pressure cleaning equipment, waste oil fired furnaces and chemicals to customers in a 150 mile radius of Boise, Idaho.

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Clean Burn Oil Pump

CB Oil Pump

Getting waste oil from the storage tank to the furnace is a key reliability factor in the heating chain. As every mechanic knows, it is better to have a heavy-duty component that doesn't have to work to the limit of its ability over time. That is why the Clean Burn Pump is made so "beefy," so heavy duty.

Competitive units use plastic gears and overworked electric motors requiring fan cooling. The Clean Burn Pump features heavy duty steel gears encased in an oil bath, and precision assembly to help ensure a long reliable service life. The oil flow rate is consistent because precise gear ratios and pump speeds are set for each individual furnace. Correct flow rates is maintained no matter what type of oil and viscosity is used, insuring optimum performance.

The brawny, reliable Clean Burn oil pump allows the furnace to be installed up to 300 ft. from the oil storage tank. It also permits the use of an outside storage tank where, in colder temperatures, many competitive pumps can't function. No competing waste oil furnace can provide such flexibility and convenience, from the inital installation to its day-to-day use.

There is simply no comparison when it comes to oil pump functionality and longevity. Once again Clean Burn eclipses all the other and is in a class by itself.

Additional Service Areas include: Pressure Washers Boise Idaho, Pressure Washers Portland Oregon