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We offer sales and service of pressure cleaning equipment, waste oil fired furnaces and chemicals to customers in a 150 mile radius of Boise, Idaho.

Look for us in our 17,000 sqft. facility at 3525 Arthur Street in Caldwell, ID. (
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Why Choose Aaladin Hot Water Pressure Washers?

Here are just a few reasons to consider Aaladin over competitive units.

Aaladin Hot Water Pressure WasherSolid construction:  Aaladinís hot pressure washer frames are engineered to the maximum strength then fixture welded for the utmost frame integrity.

Durable powder Coated Finish:  Aaladin used a hybrid polyester powder paint finish that not only has exceptional luster, but is also much more durable and includes higher UV resistance than standard paints.  This is an important feature since most hot portable pressure washers live outside for at least nine months of the year in the hot Idaho sun.

High efficiency Heat chamber design:  From day one in 1981, Aaladin machines have used a helical design for spacing of our coil wraps. Where other tightly wound coils like Hotsy and Landa carbon up heavily after just a few years, Aaladinís donít.

New insulation system:  The new molded bucket insulation system is a one piece insert in our burn chamber. The bucket insulation system increases efficiency and serviceability. It also insures that if the burner pumps fuel without firing, the bucket does not become a sponge only to become saturated with fuel and end up being a costly repair.

Clutch drive:  Aaladin is the only hot pressure washer manufacturer to use the clutch drive pumping system. Pump bypass is the most common problem with pressure washers as it only takes as little as five minutes for seal wear and ceramic piston fractures to occur.  A clutch engages and dis-engages the high pressure pump through a micro-switch operated unloader valve. The micro-switch is sensitive enough that when the trigger gun is engaged flow is instantaneous, while the simple release of the trigger disengages the pump immediately. This system makes undo pump wear and failure a problem of the past and it is only available from Aaladin.

Manifold plumbing system:  Aaladin utilizes a manifold plumbing system with quick connections on the low pressure side of the pump becoming a central attachment point for the pump, unloader, and related items. The result is a design that allow the components to be removed for service in a matter of minutes no matter how serious the cost of the repair.

Flat free tire:  These tires are not hard rubber toy-wagon tires, or collapsing foam filled tires. They are constructed of lightweight solid micro-cellular polyurethane to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, yet they weigh 25% less-than pneumatic mag assemblies. All of this plus low profile, wide stance and hot looking mags.
The Aaladin 13 and 14 series feature four wheel portable swivel system for incredible maneuverability. This flat free, swiveling design offers a true 360 degree swivel turning and stability and easy rolling on concrete and gravel surfaces.


  • Aaladin is committed to manufacturing safe, quality cleaning systems.
  • Our washers are listed to UL-1776 and CSA-B140.11 standards. We have completed testing required to qualify for the ETL and C-ETL marks and Aaladin uses (NRTL), Nationally recognized testing laboratory, to have our units tested.
  • Compliance testing includes:
  • Maximum pressure tests.
  • Abnormal operation tests
  • Hydrostatic pressure and strength tests
  • Leakage current testing following humidity conditioning
  • Dielectric voltage-withstand test
  • Flooding tests
  • Overvoltage test
  • Combustion test
  • Under voltage test
  • Stability test

Additional Service Areas include: Pressure Washers Boise Idaho, Pressure Washers Portland Oregon